Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Single Family or Multi Family Sonoma County Flip

Single Family or Multi Family Sonoma County Flip

When deciding whether to purchase a single family property or a multiple-family property to rehab and flip, consider who the potential buyer is going to be. Will your buyer be an owner occupier or an Investor? Owner occupied buyers are going to be more interested in location, school district, and appreciation. Investors are more interested in cash flow, proximity to transportation and tax implications.

Because most multiple-family flips will end up tenant occupied, the rehab fixtures should be selected for their durability features and ease of replacement. SFR flips that will probably be owner occupied should have most of the material investment put into the kitchen: granite counters, upscale cabinets and premium flooring will bring a great return on investment.

Another factor in choosing between an SFR or multiple-unit is the state of the local rental market. If the local vacancy rate is high, opt for an SFR. Check with local property management firms for the rental rates and vacancy rates. That's what your investor-buyer is going to do!!

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